In a toystore on a Sunday with a dollar forty nine I need something just a dumb thing for my brand new Valentine.

Oh my darling. Oh my darling. Oh my darling Valentine. I’m uneasy, kind of queasy, but you’re still my Valentine.

Yes, it happened in the classroom when you said “Will you be mine?” I was muddled and befuddled, so I answered, “Yeah, that’s fine.”

Then you called me in the lunchroom. You had saved a place in line. And I knew that it was true that I was now your Valentine.

I went shopping for a present and I saw this blinking sign: “Here’s a pleasant little present for a brand new Valentine.”

So I bought it and I brought it in my backpack right at nine. Do you like it? It’s a spy kit with a flashlight you can shine.

I could tell you didn’t like it when you said I was a swine. How exciting! I’m delighting. I have no more Valentine.

Till another person stopped me and they asked “Will you be mine?” This is crushing. Oh, I’m blushing. I’ve another Valentine.

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